Present day, Hill Valley, California

    It's a beautiful fall day in Hill Valley. The sun is bright, and the sky is a turquoise blue. Joe Morris is driving his new car. It's a white Tesla that he just bought a week ago. Joe is singing out loud to an 80s rock tune. He turns right into the parking lot of the Hill Valley Thrift Store. It's one of his favorite shops to find items to flip on eBay. He parks close to the door, gets out, and hurries inside. He quickly walks down a few isles but doesn't see anything. All of a sudden, on the bottom shelf, a shiny object catches his eye. It's an electronic device that looks to be handmade. He picks it up and looks at it closely. Old wires are hanging out of the back and an inscription on the bottom that reads E. Brown 1955. The neon orange price tag reads $19.99. He gets his phone out of his pocket to Google Lens the item. No luck, Lens didn't find a match. He shrugs his shoulders, keeps it, and continues to walk around the store. After a few minutes, he checks out and leaves. He puts the bag on the passenger seat and speeds off. An 80's song by Huey Lewis comes on the radio. He puts his sunglasses on and smiles.