Present day, Kansas

    Caryn aka test subject #3 (a woman in her mid-thirties with long dark brown hair and brown eyes) takes the red pill and drinks the glass of water. She gets into the bed and gets comfortable. She closes her eyes and starts counting backwards from 100. She falls asleep in a matter of minutes. The team is watching her in the other room behind the mirrored glass. 

Caryn opens her eyes as if she is awake. She is awake, however it's in the dream. The dream is so realistic she thinks it's real. She is outside of her country house on a fall day watching her two kids play with their dog (a golden retriever). It's getting dark and close to sun down. The kids are playing near the woods and there are apples on the ground from the apple trees. One of the kids picks up and throws an apple into the woods. The dog runs after it and doesn't come back. He wonders off. Caryn yells for the dog, "Joe Joe." but it doesn't listen. She yells to the kids, "do you see Joe Joe?" "No mom," one of the kids replies. The other says "I see her" and runs into the woods. Caryn starts walking in their direction and yells to KC "be careful!"

Danny follows Casey into the woods and they see Joe Joe walking around. They walk towards her and notice that there is something under the leaves beneath them. It's yellow, yellow bricks. The ground is covered with leaves so it's hard to see but the leaves scatter as they walk. 

Caryn catches up to the kids and Joe Joe. She tells them "it's time to go." Casey points to the ground and tells her mom to look at the yellow bricks. Caryn looks down and sees the golden yellow paint at her feet. She thinks it's strange that there are painted bricks in the woods. She bends down to take a closer look and brushes the leaves back. She sees the bricks and notices they are a path. She looks forward and backward and sees nothing but woods. She takes a few steps forward and brushes the leaves with her right foot. More bricks. She walks another couple yards and repeats. Same thing. More bricks. The kids notice what she's doing and start to do the same. After a minute they start walking in the woods and follow the yellow brick path. They loose track of time and it's getting darker. Pretty soon, they've walked a few hundred yards into the woods. She realizes it's getting dark but she is intrigued by the yellow path. She looks back towards her house and barely visible. They are about two hundred yards away. Danny says "Mom, look!" and points ahead. There's a small house in the woods a few hundred feet away. Caryn thinks to her self, am I dreaming or is this real? She can't seem to focus. In a split second she starts walking in the direction of the house ahead. The kids and dog follow. The path leads directly to the house. In a few minutes they reach the hosue. It's a small old country house that looks abandoned. There are windows but no glass. The house looks creepy so Caryn starts to feel nervous. The kids are anxious and want to go inside. "Mommy, can we go inside?" Caryn doesn't want to and says "No!" Although, she is curious as to who's house this is, why she never saw it before and why it's sitting here in the woods. She walks to one of the windows and looks inside. She doesn't see anything. The house is empty and abandoned. It's run down.