Present day, 4 Privet Drive, Hill Valley, California

    It's moving day for the Jones family. The moving truck is parked in front of their new house (4 Privet Drive). Lee and his wife Sharon are busy offloading the UHAUL. There two kids Danny & Casey are exploring their new house. The address of their new house can be seen on the mailbox at the end of the driveway. A neighbor walks towards the UHAUL and says "Welcome to the neighborhood." Lee is standing in the back of the UHAUL holding a box. He nods his head and says "hello." The woman says "I'm your new neighbor. My name is Jenny Jennings. I live next door." She points to the house directly next door. Sharon hears the woman talking and emerges from back of the UHAUL. "Hello", she says. "My name is Sharon and this is my husband Lee. Our kids are inside." Jenny welcomes the couple to the neighborhood. Lee asks if she was close to the previous neighbors. Jenny replies, "No, they were a strange family." She said "one day they just up and moved. The house sat vacant for a year or so," she explains. 

Just then, Casey runs up and interrupts the conversation. "Daddy, daddy, come quick!" Jenny tells the couple it was nice meeting them and walks back towards her house. Casey pulls her daddy's hand and tells him to come inside. Lee walks with her towards the house. Sharon goes back inside the UHAUL. Casey leads Lee inside and points to the white owl sitting next to the door under the staircase. Lee just stood there staring at amazement. He wondered where it came from and how it got inside. He looks around the room to see if there's any other birds or animals. He asks Casey where Danny is and she points at the door under the stairs. Lee opens the door and Danny jumps out "Boo!" Lee jumps back a little scared and shakes his head. Danny runs off down the hall. Casey follows behind. Lee watches it for a minute and then yells for Sharon to come see it. He walks to the front door and yells again so Sharon can here him. Sharon is still inside the back of the UHAUL. She here's Lee yelling and comes out to see what he wants. "What?" she says. "Come quick, you have got to see this," he says. 

She walks towards the house carrying a large box labeled kitchen. Lee takes the box from her and says "go inside and see what's in the foyer." Sharon walks inside and doesn't see anything. She looks around and asks Lee "what am I looking for?" Lee walks inside and sets the box down on the floor. He walks over to the staircase door and peaks in. It's in here. "What is it?" "Just come and see." Sharon walks over and joins Lee. She peaks her head inside the staircase and sees the white owl walking around. The owl is walking away from them towards the back wall. All of the sudden, it walks through the wall and disappears. The couple looks at each other, there's jaws dropped.